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Posted on 13 June, 2010 by Patrick Anderson, Atlanta, USA
I stumbled on the EA by a accident.I was surfing the web and saw the web site.I contacted the developers who sent me some EA's to test.When they released Block Trader they tailored the EA to fit my balance.You need $2500 per micro lot to trade the EA as it is not unusual to have 36 open trades.The EA seems pretty safe if you don't overtrade-even with the huge recent EUR/JPY fluctuations the drawdown never reached 20%.It is currently at 9%.Profit for my first week was 8% which was higher than the suggested 3-6% per month.If you are prepared to make consistent small profits,and can tolerate a drawdown,this EA looks a pretty good choice.Support is very good and they seem to care about their customers doing well.







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